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Finder411 Entered in Female Startup Competition

I”m pretty pumped to be included in April’s Grow America Competition.

Open only to Startups owned or co-owned by a chick (that’s me), it’s a great opportunity to share Finder411’s mission with the greater community and educate folks on how remarkable a difference we can make quickly in the lives of Triangle small business and our greater Raleigh and Durham communities.Vote for me!

The other HUGE piece?

Finder411 could very well win $5,000, and along with it phenomenal exposure.  The other great part?  We’d find out in May if we win – no waiting months and months, we’d get that cash infusion quickly – SWEET!

What would we do with it? If Finder411 won a cash prize, these are some of the things we’d likely implement:

  • Paid Press Releases for more Finder411 client awareness
  • Create a successful go-to-market strategy to increase Finder411 exposure in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill & surrounding areas, thus increasing traffic to our current clients.
  • Invest in additional development and graphics for our future mobile app
  • Offer deep discounts to very small businesses who have no marketing budget

Small local businesses make all our communities rock.

  1. They keep more money in our local economy.
  2. They offer unique alternatives to national chains
  3. Most importantly offering a level of personal service you will never see with a big name store or service.

Please take a few seconds to vote NOW and DAILY through April 30th!

We’ll keep you posted!

Tonia Zampieri

Finder411, The People’s Platform, gains momentum for Spring Launch

Premium Basic ProfileFinder411 is being built as “the people’s platform”, an online community and resource directory exclusively where those who care about the hyper-local movement can find needed and sought after small businesses.  Ones that add variety, fun, and ease to their lives.

As we steamroll towards a Triangle, NC spring launch, we recently sent out Finder411’s latest profile page mockups and a survey to gauge people’s taste’s on what they thought and how they might engage with our site.  Here’s what some people had to say:

  • 70% of respondents said they’d have no problem logging in with Facebook (in fact 1 wanted to log in with Twitter), and understood the value of having their own profile to save and share their favorite small businesses.
  • 100% of respondents found the site’s pictures engaging versus distracting.
  • One person commented:  I’d love love love more pictures!

Premium Plus ProfileWhile pictures are one of the biggest features that set Finder411 apart from other big name “online directories”, one person commented, “the pictures appeared dead and not vibrant enough to help in stimulating business.”

We certainly get that and will do our best when we launch to include more pictures of people engaged with the business whenever possible to illicit more engagement.

What do you think of Finder411?  Take our quick survey and let us know your feedback.

Want to stay in the know & get extra perks as a Finder411 Founder ? Sign up here.  We are capping this at 50 people prior to our May launch. Don’t delay!

Finder411 Community to Offer Refreshing New Model, Sans Advertising Spam

We all know those websites. The ones that assail you with ads the second you arrive. Click here. Click there. Click on something totally not relevant to anything you’re looking for. Pretty soon those ads are all you can focus on! Who wants to bother with that? We sure don’t.

That’s why Finder411 was created. To get rid of that advertising and focus exclusively on small local businesses:  those who own them and those who support them.

Finder411 is an exclusive online community and resource directory that allows consumers with a conscience to seek out and support the local businesses in their area. Offering a visually-appealing, transparent user experience, participants can find and refer small businesses and services.

Owners benefit from the ability to create either a free or premium business profile. But just because it’s premium doesn’t mean it’s not affordable. You won’t be competing with any of those franchises, chains or direct marketing companies either. Finder411 is exclusively local, all the time. No exceptions.

No one can deny that small businesses are what make a community unique—what set it apart from everything else. This individuality is what we celebrate at Finder411. We aim to help in the creation of healthy, vibrant communities, supported by the people who visit and live there.

So are you sold on the idea yet? Watch our 60 second welcome video below. Still excited by what you hear? Subscribe to our email list at for the latest updates. Whether you’re a small local business owner, someone who supports them, or want to get involved as an early partner, we’ll share exciting updates and our official launch date as spring approaches.