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Finder411 Tackles Hyperlocal Movement

Small business owners, this one’s for you. Most of you can probably relate.

Are you tired of those “big name” directory-type websites? You know the ones. They can kind of be compared to a schoolyard playground. Full of gossip, with kids (online reviewers) talking about all kinds of different things (experiences at your business).  Some of it may be true, other things, grossly exaggerated or even completely fabricated.  But what do the people hearing it know? They just go by what strangers have to say.

Some of these reviewers are like the bullies, picking on anything and everything, taking one little thing they perceive as negative and blowing it up way out of proportion. On these websites, as the victim of a terrible review, a small business can do little to defend itself.  Maybe if you’re lucky, a loyal customer or two will speak up and defend you, but one bad online review has the potential to do some damage. Collect a number of them, it can totally break you.

On these “big name” sites, a small business may not even be aware that they have a profile where people are writing these reviews. Anyone can create one for a business, leaving it totally out of your power. To top it off, these websites often barrage you with phone calls, asking you to pay to advertize yourself for obscene amounts of money that no small local business can easily afford. It’s worse than many telemarketers! At least they usually stop once you decline the offer. Check out a small business owner’s opinion on one of these sites here. (

Finder411 is Different

Finder411 completely reverses this model – making it more a popularity contest than a rant session.  Here, you aren’t at the mercy of fake reviews or negative rants. You create your own business profile (or pay us a nominal fee to do it for you), grow engagement with those interested in your business and cultivate a loyal fan base.  With free or premium subscription levels for added bells and whistles, it’s truly an inclusive community.  Finder411 Homepage

High-paid advertising business models aren’t sustainable and definitely aren’t good in the long run for small businesses. Groupon is a prime example. Shares at Groupon dropped by 26% and its forecast revenue was much lower than predicted. This article explains it better than we can.  ( )

Finder411 is different from both a cost and customer acquisition perspective. Customers will be able to “like” your business’ Facebook page from within your Finder411 profile.

They’ll also be able to “love” your profile on our site, share it with others through social media, and add their favorite small businesses to their individual profiles on Finder411 for ongoing use and safekeeping.

At Finder411, we won’t be pushing you to pay for advertising either. In fact, our model is COMPLETELY ad-free.   No one using Finder411, whether you’re a small business owner or supporter, will ever see an ad of any kind.  We think that’s pretty refreshing. Don’t you agree?

Launching in the Triangle, NC in May, Finder411 is offering introductory beta pricing for a select number of small local businesses.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join today’s hyperlocal answer to supporting awesome local businesses: – intro pricing guaranteed through April 5th.