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NC Contest Showing Small Business Love

Show Some Love ContestoAt Finder411, we’re certainly all about small businesses. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to start things big! Our “Show Some Love” contest is coming February 6th!

So what’s all this love you’re supposed to show? Love for your favorite small business.

  • That restaurant where the waitress has your usual order in and cooking before you even make it to the table.
  • The plumber that’s out of bed and at your door at 1 a.m. to stop the fountain that mysteriously sprung from your basement ceiling.
  • That one little retail store where everything in it feels like it’s tailor-made to fit your quirky tastes.

“Show Some Love” gives you the chance to nominate your favorite North Carolina small business by visiting our Facebook page to enter. Have more than one? We thought so. While you’re only allowed one entry per day, you can enter on multiple days to spread as much love as possible!

Since this is a contest, by now you’re probably wondering what the reward will be. One lucky person will win a new iPad mini (because we’re all for small, of course!). Small businesses aren’t left out of the benefits either. One small business in North Carolina will become a Finder411 lifetime premium business partner, which includes a professional photo shoot and featured profile on our site.

Qualifying businesses include any of the following:

  1. Home Related – Real estate, custom blinds, plumbers, landscapers, interior designers and similar.
  2. Agribusinesses – Wineries, farms, orchards, B&Bs.
  3. Eateries – Restaurants, food trucks – or anything in between! NO franchises or chains.
  4. Retail Stores – Anything independent.
  5. Personal Care – Hair, skin or body care. (No tanning salons)
  6. Professional Services – Law, accounting, photography, bands, DJs, event planning, pet sitting, catering and similar.
  7. Health-related – Physical fitness, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors and similar.

To enter the contest, you must nominate a North Carolina business, provide a valid email address, and be a United States resident who is 18 or older.

Nominations will be accepted from February 5 through March 12. Small businesses with the MOST nominations within each of the seven nomination categories will automatically receive a 1 year Finder411 Premium subscription. In the event of a tie, an independent judging panel will select based on additional criteria to be provided at contest launch.

On March 19th public voting will begin. Voting closes at 5 p.m April 2nd. These votes will determine Finder411’s first Favorite North Carolina Small Business.

Visit our Facebook page and “like” us to stay up-to-date with all the contest happenings or head straight over to Finder411 to submit your small business photo – we might just include it on our Splash page!

Finder411 Community to Offer Refreshing New Model, Sans Advertising Spam

We all know those websites. The ones that assail you with ads the second you arrive. Click here. Click there. Click on something totally not relevant to anything you’re looking for. Pretty soon those ads are all you can focus on! Who wants to bother with that? We sure don’t.

That’s why Finder411 was created. To get rid of that advertising and focus exclusively on small local businesses:  those who own them and those who support them.

Finder411 is an exclusive online community and resource directory that allows consumers with a conscience to seek out and support the local businesses in their area. Offering a visually-appealing, transparent user experience, participants can find and refer small businesses and services.

Owners benefit from the ability to create either a free or premium business profile. But just because it’s premium doesn’t mean it’s not affordable. You won’t be competing with any of those franchises, chains or direct marketing companies either. Finder411 is exclusively local, all the time. No exceptions.

No one can deny that small businesses are what make a community unique—what set it apart from everything else. This individuality is what we celebrate at Finder411. We aim to help in the creation of healthy, vibrant communities, supported by the people who visit and live there.

So are you sold on the idea yet? Watch our 60 second welcome video below. Still excited by what you hear? Subscribe to our email list at for the latest updates. Whether you’re a small local business owner, someone who supports them, or want to get involved as an early partner, we’ll share exciting updates and our official launch date as spring approaches.